Flashback friday and something from the heart.

I often doubt my dreams of becoming a photographer and a journalist. The fear of not being a success or not being good enough, bothers me on a regular basis and most of the time I ask myself if i’m on the right path, am I doing the right thing? But that feeling I get, whenever I see the sunset through the autumn leaves or a beautiful friend smiling at me, replaces all of those fears.

I have never in my life put all of my energy and effort into one single thing, until I started taking pictures. Every single picture I take and post I make is a masterpiece to me because so much energy and hours of tossing and turning, over which version (of the same photo) looks the best, goes into each and everyone. And the same goes with my writing: first with pencil, then with pen and finally the computer. I’m not perfect, but I am a perfectionist when it comes to my work.

I know that my dreams won’t come true very easily and that I might never know if I am on the right path, but the fact that it’s 01:38 and i’m still up, thinking of ways to improve my pictures and my writing, tells me that i’ll be okay.

But it’s that amazing feeling I get when I look at old pictures or little scribbles I wrote, that makes all the worrying worth it. The feeling of pride and knowing that I gave it my all. I may sometimes doubt that i’m doing the right thing, but it’s something i’m truly passionate about, and something that I love doing more than anything.


A picture taken a few months ago at Bravos Pizza, Hatfield.

Boot Graveyard.

So for the past few years, I have been searching for the perfect pair of military style boots and I finally decided to go to the one place I knew I would be able to get them. I knew that most of them would be used grade, but that just made them even cooler. Sadly, what we found was a mountain (and I mean MOUNTAIN) of old single and very sad looking boots. I can confirm that this is the location where army boots come to die…


P.S. I didn’t get the perfect pair, but I won’t give up!